My heart is bleeding.

Not large amounts.

Not enough for anyone to save me.

Just little by little, drop by drop.

Day by day.

Small drops of disappointments and broken dreams.

Unfulfilled expectations trickling out in the oceans.

My soul craved and my destiny wept.

I created an island of desertion, safe from harmful intent.

Waiting and hoping for a new day.

A passing boat or a plane destined for familiar shores.

New days came, and went.

My heart was too damaged to notice

My heart is bleeding.

My face is smiling, and my actions are strong.

I will not tell anyone, my saviour is an illusion.

Slowly, without notice

I’m dying of a broken heart.


Skrevet av: Tina Larsen, Mai 2013


Liker du dette eller andre ting jeg har skrevet på bloggen så skriv deg på nyhetsbrevet øverst til høyre.


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