livet Ditt  (Your Life) is a private mental health center for people who need therapy, guidance or for those who wish to develop themselves.  LDG offers therapy for individuals, couples, families, children and group therapy.

We offer psychotherapy for people who need help to tackle and work through problems, conflicts, depression, burn out, relationship difficulties, anxiety and other challenges life offers.

We have broad experience with people who need help to come further when they cannot handle going to work, or do not like their chosen profession but have no good solutions or alternatives.  We offer reduced prices for people in the NAV system.

The founder and owner of LDG, Tina Larsen, has worked with families and children for over 10 years and specialises in family conflicts.  We offer family guidance, therapy with children and in some instances can come to your home, school or nursery to observe.  Children and youth coming for therapy must have approval from a parent or guardian, those under 12 years of age must be accompanied.

One does not need to have major psychological problems to come to us to receive uplifting therapy. A change in direction may be all that’s needed to tackle life’s daily problems.

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